4 thoughts on “Who watches this shit?

  1. Excuses Excuses! That movie had a point that was very very non-fictional. No right-winged ignorant person WHO MAKES THINGS UP like in this website, can even hold a stick to the genius that is Michael Moore. That’s the problem with you ignorant conservatives. You refuse to open your eyes. Too bad.

  2. Listen, Ms. Mahler, you can call me ignorant and accuse me of making things up all you want, but until you can substantiate your accusations, there’s no point in discussing the merit of your argument. If anybody appears to be ignorant right now, that person is you.

  3. Actually, in no way to I appear ignorant. Posting an opinion in no way shows ignorance. Really, can’t you people come up with better arguments? This is really getting boring.Anyway, I don’t need to sit and sustantiate my opinion. It is what it is… and I have my very good reasons for that opinion. You posted about a movie that is very true, and that opened many peoples eyes. The only people who I have met that do not like it are people who just love their guns more than they love the truth. You can pick apart the facts all you want- but the point of the movie remains the same. If you actually watched it, you know what that point was- down there in the pit of your stomach where you put all the other truths that you want to pretend don’t exist.Anyway, thank you for illustrating a point that so many of us are trying to make: people like you (mostly right-wing gun-slinging republican conservatives) can’t HANDLE when people have opinions different from their own. It’s quite sad, really. Cause then they close off their ears and eyes to new ideas, and the true deep ignorance sets in… so sad.Oh well, at least my children won’t be the ones with bulletholes in their heads from Daddys gun.I regret coming to this site. It’s just too dissapointing. I won’t be back. Good day.

  4. I can’t even comprehend how you can equate my dislike for Michael Moore with a lack of safety for my children. I also regret your coming to this site–I can honestly say I’ve never gotten such ridiculously uninformed comments from somebody who apparently only read one single sentence that I wrote. I’m happy that you won’t be back, and I wish you and yours the worst.

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