It seems a little early for my allergies to start kicking in, but in the past few days, each time I’ve gone into my back yard, even for a few minutes, my eyes start itching and watering, and I start sneezing like hell. Michael’s been sneezing a lot too, so it looks like he inherited the same problems from me. If this shit keeps up, this spring and summer are going to be a bitch.

2 thoughts on “Miserable

  1. I used to have quite severe allergies but then they just went away for the past 3-5 years or so. Now out of the blue I find myself sneezing and having slightly itchy eyes out of nowhere.

  2. Hey, Dennis.
    I am getting back a little bit getting re-aquainted with the old schooler e/n folk.
    I want to get an IRC reunion setup. I want you there, of course. Get me on ICQ or something or email if you are down and we can start planning. We need to decide when and then we will start rallying the troops from the old days. I have a few lined up.
    Channel is on UNDERNET and called #oldschoolers. I will be idling there for now.

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