Empty Vee

How pitiful is it that the only way to reliably get your music played on MTV is to buy a 30-second commercial spot and play a clip from your video during that 30 seconds? I’ve seen the commercial for that one Evanescence album several times, though I’ve only seen the actual video once, and that happened to be during a very rare moment when MTV was actually playing videos. I remember, back in junior high school, when I’d return home after school and watch the top 20 (Guns-N-Roses, baby)–back when they played actual music–and most of that was white-people music. And after the top 20, they played even more music–there was no such thing as The Real World, or any of the other real shit that they show now. Now, during the unlikely event that they’re playing videos, it’s 50% likely that it’ll be rap or hip-hop, most of which is trash. Who are they catering to? Sure, it seems like younger people are even more stupid than when I was that age, but do they really like Missy Elliott and N*Stync? This world is going to hell.

8 thoughts on “Empty Vee

  1. Uranium on Too Much Music is the only thing worth watching. We had four music video channels and it was pretty rare for any of them to broadcast anything besides shitty dating shows and rap/hip-hop.

  2. Shut up jansinner. MTV2 (when showing music videos) is nothing more than a collage of art and music. It’s a music video. If you have a problem with viewing art and music, then we shouldn’t venture to Museums or watch a musician play.
    Stupid ‘tard.

  3. Punk-o-rama t.v. was pretty cool, but it came on an obscure channel early in the morning. Then they cut it off all together. Shame. I think jasinner was trying to say that if you have a problem with something, change it, don’t just whine. I agree.

  4. Oh I agree. Don’t bitch if you plan to do nothing about it (yes I know that statement has a double negative – but thats a quote from my dad).
    Turn off jasinner and encourage others to do so. Again.

  5. If you stay up until 6 in the morning you will catch all the vidoe..insomniac music theatre. but you need digital tv to catch the real music stations.

  6. People’s Champ, you have no say in ANYTHING because you take your name from a WRESTLING character. And wrestling, as we all know, is the absolute culmination of all that is bad in the world today.
    Not to mention, you’re a fucking idiot.
    Second, black people music is complete shit and is poluting our youths today and MTV is a prime case-study of that fact. Just like you observed, it used to be music and good stuff but now they cater to the ‘bling-bling’ crowd because drug-dealing scum is prone to wasting their money on brand-name shit and therefore running ads for brand-name shit is a very lucrative, albeit fucking evil, business.
    People’s Champ, turn off YOUR fucking TV and get an education.

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