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I put a new poll up, and this one is a toughie. I chose the options from my favorite cartoon series, so your favorite may not be up there (i.e., yours sucks). This one’s so tough because, seriously, how can you choose between The Simpsons, Futurama, and South Park? Sure, the other three options are great too, but the first three are just so damned good. I voted for Futurama because, even though I laugh so much harder at South Park, so much more thought goes into each episode, and you can watch each one over and over and catch new things that you missed the last time. I’ve started staying up until 12:30 a.m. just to watch it, even though it’s playing hell with my work schedule.

10 thoughts on “New Poll

  1. This is too easy. The simpsons is by far the best cartoon on the list. How is it that DuckTales even made it on the poll in the first place? Three words: Does not compare.

  2. No shit, sherlock. A poll with only one option isn’t much of a poll. Just so you know, “I chose the options from my favorite cartoon series…” =)
    And yeah, Matt, Tailspin was a good one too–used to come on right before DuckTales, I believe. I’d always watch those over at G.I. Jorge’s after school, back in Westridge I think.

  3. Dennis, you made a mistake. You put South Park on the list. South Park is, of course, complete shit and only for the weak of mind. Being that you are neither of the afformentioned, this was clearly in err.
    That said, everyone knows that Tom & Jerry (from the old days) was, and is, the best cartoon ever.

  4. Yes, because we all know that when we want mental stimulation the place to go is TV.. Especially cartoons.
    South Park is intended to be one thing…funny, and it is.

  5. South Park is god damn hilarious. As is anything Tray Parker and Matt Stone participate in. Not all episodes are good, but what show doesn’t have a lul now and then. Usually the people who do not like South Park are the ones that are easily offended.

  6. “Hi Hi! Welcome to heaven brother! You’ve followed the mormon faith and so you’ve been let in!”
    “Uh…actually I’m just stopping by”
    “Well, you’ve picked a great time! We’ve got cookies and punch and were just about to start playing charades!” (Alllllright!)

  7. Wrong again, kids.
    South Park DOES intend to be funny, however, it is not. It is complete shit. Same with everything else that TREY Parker and Matt Stone make. They are degenerate retards and their movies are complete crap.
    One day you will all see as clearly as I and then you will look back on this and snicker.

  8. Tailspin was a great show. It’s slowly coming back to me. I remember that Carnage (or whatever his name was) had a really weird accent, and louie had a club. I had the video game too!

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