I just realized this morning (thanks to Bret) that, all my life, I’ve spelled the word “gauge” incorrectly. I’ve always spelled it “guage,” and I can’t imagine how I never noticed that it wasn’t correct before. I mean, the abbreviation for “gauge,” when referring to shotgun shells or wire thickness, is “ga.” It should have been obvious. I did a search of the archives on this site, and came up with 10 matches for the misspelled version of the word, but no matches for the correct version. I’ve always considered myself to be excellent at spelling and grammar (well, excellent for a Carbon High School graduate), but this has just shattered my self-image. Well, not really, but it’s wierd to find out that I’ve been making a simple mistake like that for so long without realizing it.

9 thoughts on “D'oh!

  1. I’ts not you whos stupid, its the English language. Speaking such an eclectic language, besides being annoying as hell, slows our brains.

  2. You misspelled it “gage” in one of your recent posts, and for some reason, that got me looking at the way I spelled it…

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