I bought about $100 worth of stuff for the Subaru today, and hopefully it’ll be finished by next weekend. I got some silicone sealant for the camshaft cases, which I started putting back on today–I’ve still got to clean one and reinstall it. I was stupid and forgot to install the valve lash adjusters and rocker arms before I started applying silicone to the camshaft case, so I had to rush to get it done before the silicone started setting up. I sure won’t make that mistake again. Tomorrow, the water pump gasket, timing belts, and valve cover seals should be in, and I can finish installing that stuff throughout the week.
Michael hasn’t been feeling well the past two days, and he’s had a fever the entire weekend, so if he still has it tomorrow, I’m going to call his doctor. We were up most of the night trying to get his fever down and trying to make him comfortable, so nobody got much sleep. And just think, we have to go through this all over again with the next baby. Oh joy.
When I went into work on Friday, they sent me home with a computer to use for work at home. It’s a Dell OptiPlex GX1, PIII-500, w/256 megs of RAM. It’s running XP, so it’s a lot slower than it needs to be, but it’s got a VPN connection set up so I can connect to the network in the office. I’ve got PPTP pass-through enabled on my router, and I still couldn’t connect to the VPN on Friday, but I couldn’t ping the VPN server on any of my computers either, so I think the server was just down. It appears to be down now too, though I could ping it earlier today. If it’s not working by tomorrow morning, I’ll have to wait until our network admin gets back from vacation (probably on Friday) to get it up and running.

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