Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

I’ve almost got all the hard stuff done on the Subaru–all that’s really left is to put the new timing belts on. Everything else is just the mundane connecting of wires and hoses, but there’s so much of that stuff to do that it’ll take me a few more days to finish up. By this weekend, I should be able to fire up the engine and hope to hell that all this hasn’t been in vain. The left-side camshaft case went on without a hitch, but I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit. I left the distributor attached (wires and all) to the camshaft case so I didn’t have to worry about messing my timing up (any more than it already is), and I’d been told that I’d have a hard time putting it back on the engine that way, but it went on easier than the right-side case did. I picked up the rest of my parts from Checker today (where, btw, I got a great deal on everything thanks to a very old friend), and they managed to get all the right parts for me.
I dunno know how many people who read this site remember Sloppy Rage, a site ran by the Brothers Bollard–well, they, along with B33bs, have a new site going. It’s called Hooray for Humans. The site’s just barely up-and-running, but I’m sure it’ll be well worth checking out.

9 thoughts on “Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta

  1. A real gangsta ass nigga plays his cards right. A real gangsta ass nigga never runs his f*#kin mouth and real gangsta ass niggas never starts fights….
    Heh… couldn’t resist. =)

  2. ok there was a fight in the school just a minute ago and my friend walked by me and said “fuck you” and this stupid preppy bitch yelled at him and what not so i got up next to the girl and told her to fuck off and she started going insane. women are crazy. sorry dennis but i had to get this out.

  3. Haha…I don’t think you could ever have called my site a family show. If you search my archives for profanity, you’ll find the following:
    fuck – 144 posts
    shit – 203 posts
    bitch – 48 posts
    But hey, as long as Nima can still hit this site from school, I guess it’s ok. =)

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