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The local newspaper really, really bothers me sometimes. Maybe I’m must nitpicky, but there are often a lot of small inaccuracies printed in the paper. In this article, it describes an accident involving a semi and a “mid-1980s Ford pickup truck,” and this picture is displayed next to the article:

Late '70s Ford

Anybody with half a brain and a little knowledge about Ford trucks could tell you that the truck pictured is clearly a mid-late 1970s Ford (looks like a nice one–probably a 3/4-ton). If it was a better picture, I could tell you even more precisely, but I can’t tell if the headlights are round or rectangular. Anyway, you’d think that if a reporter was going to throw in a minor detail, like the year of the vehicle involved in the accident, that they’d at least make some attempt at getting it correct. Well, at least they didn’t put an apostraphe in “1980s.”

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  1. You really should use your amazing powers of grammar for good, rather than evil. I’m willing to bet that there are many millions of websites that need your proof reading skills more than mine (you can start with the Scum Advocate).
    Since when do plural words need an apostrophe? If you can show me what the apostrophe in “1980’s” stands for, or show me how that is the possessive form of “1980,” then I’ll take your word for it. Otherwise, I’ll continue believing that “1980s” is the plural form, representing all years from 1980 to 1989.

  2. Hey Brother Brandt–long time, no see. I sure hope you’re just giving me shit about the Ford body style. =)
    BTW, I perused your site, and that painting titled Pushit is completely fucking awesome. You do some damned good work. It’s good to see you hangin’ around again. =)

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