Three Hours Wasted

The Subaru dealer in Orem does have the parts I need in stock, so when I get off work at 3:00, I’ll be heading up there to pick them up. It’s sad that I have to drive 150 miles round-trip to get $6 worth of parts. If I didn’t do it, I would probably have to wait until after Thanksgiving to have them shipped to me, but I’m hoping to have the car done in two more days. After I get home this evening, I’m going install the new clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing, and throwout bearing, and I may even try to install the transmission if the rest doesn’t take too long. Then I’ll spend the next two days putting the suspension back together, installing the driveshaft and exhaust, connecting the shifter and 4-wheel drive shifter, and finally reattaching all the cables and electrical connectors. I’m probably being overly-optimistic in believing that I can be done by the end of Wednesday, but if I work my ass off, it’s possible.

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