That didn't take long…

Well, somebody has already drawn conclusions about the University of Utah’s gun ban based on the shootings at the University of Arizona. This woman implies that if guns were banned at the UofA, the shootings wouldn’t have happened. In fact, guns are prohibited at the Arizona campus, regardless of permits. Doesn’t that suggest that the gun ban is ineffective?
If somebody flies off the deep end and decides to go on a shooting rampage, it would be unfortunate if somebody with the power to prevent or stop it was barred from doing so because of a rule like this. The guy who committed these murders planned it well in advance, and nobody with murder on his or her mind is going to be stopped by a ban on guns. People who support making guns illegal seem to forget that murder is already illegal!

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  1. Amen brotha,
    A friend of mine told me that he personally feels that there are about 10 percent of all people actually know what is going on. This is the case here. This woman is “urging” her fellow citizens to support the ban, when it sounds just like you said, they forget that murder is allready illegal.

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