Election Roundup

I’ve put up the election results as they pertain to my little corner of the world. The only thing that really surprised me was the defeat of Initiative 1. The opposition’s propaganda campaign must have been extremely effective, because I don’t think they won it based on the actual issues. The tv and radio commercials against the initiative didn’t target any specific issue–rather, they used vague scare-tactics, simply calling it “bad politics” and “bad for Utah.” Actually, it may have been bad for Envirocare, but I seriously doubt it would have put them out of business as they claim.
I was one out of 41 people in Carbon County who voted for Ron Copier–not that that’s a surprise. Unfortunately, both incumbent county commissioners get to keep their positions. My view on them might have been different if any of them had put out ANY information about themselves–fliers, radio ads, anything would have been helpful.
Also not surprisingly, Utah voters voted almost all Republican, with the exception of Jim Matheson in the congressional race, and likely a few local races.
Emery County turned down a resolution to turn the San Rafael Swell into a national monument–at least that’s a big plus. I go down there somewhat often, and I don’t see any need to close a good portion of it to the public. The vote against the resolution doesn’t guarantee that it still won’t happen, but hopefully it’ll squash the movement for it.

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