Only in Utah

Ha, what a pair of prudes! Two people, presumably a married couple, wrote into the Tribune, complaining about lingerie advertisements and being “constantly bombarded with naked male dancers and locker room antics“. Ok, I can at least understand their line of reasoning, even though I’m not offended by such things. Though, I have yet to see a “naked male dancer” on television.
Here’s what gets me, though: “The newest toilet tissue ads and feminine diuretic problem preventives are more than just offensive, they are so objectionable as to cause contempt.” These people are offended by toilet paper ads! My hell…as if the entire world isn’t already aware that toilet paper not only exists, but that you use it to wipe your ass with. Unless they’re showing close-ups of some serious ass-wiping, I don’t see how this can be construed as offensive. STFU already.

7 thoughts on “Only in Utah

  1. You can’t just ignore this garbage. Some of the ads are 2 inches wide and 3-4 inches high! And if you change the channel to avoid a smutty commercial for leg shaving products you might miss the first few seconds coming back to Touched by an Angel. You guys are all a bunch of insensitive ass holes.

  2. Hehe… You know that he watches it! Every time I step into his house the channel immediately changes…
    At first I just thought it was porn being quickly switched from…but now I know!

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