I was looking through the classifieds in the Sun Advocate again today, and came across this Help Wanted ad:

**DRIVERS** MAY Trucking So. “Is your road to success.*Vans – 11 western. *Reefers – 48 states. Dedicated team runs. Owner operators wanted. 1-800-251-8846. www.maytrucking.com (ucan). (10222f)

Cool, where do I sign up for the “reefers?”

2 thoughts on “Hah

  1. Since I’m in the gasoline business…LOL…reefer is a kind of fuel that diesel drivers use. I work at a truck stop…I’m not sure what it does..but thats what I know.

  2. Ok, the ad makes much more sense now. I did some Google searching, and found out that reefer fuel is simply diesel fuel that is tax-exempt, since it’s used to power the refrigerant units on semi trailers.

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