Ok, stfu already.

I was planning on looking for a benchmark to two today, then spending the rest of the day relaxing, but I ended up working my ass of instead. I’ve been busy from the time I woke up until just a few minutes ago. I moved my camper and trailer to the back of my property, and drained the water from the holding tank in the camper, among several other “winterization” things. I also put a new thermostat in my truck, and changed the oil (the bastard took almost 7 quarts). I lost about a gallon of coolant while changing the thermostat, so I refilled it with pure antifreeze, since I’d added about that much water earlier this summer when I took the old thermostat out.
I wanted to pump a few rounds through my handgun when I finished up today, but not only am I tired, it’s already getting somewhat dark outside. I’ll probably go tomorrow after I get back from “the highest point of the long ridge between Emmas Park and Price River Valley.” I’m going to make another attempt at that benchmark that I tried for last weekend. This time, I’m going armed with a satellite photo, a topo map, written directions, and my mountain bike, just in case my car can’t make it all the way. I’m also going armed with my 9mm–it’s the same place I was afraid to go this summer because of mountain lions and bears. I’ve heard other people tell me they’ve seen or heard mountain lions in this canyon, and I’ve personally seen bear tracks in the area. I wish I’d have bought some hollow points, ’cause all I’ve got now is ball ammo. Oh well, at least there’s no risk of a bullet passing through an animal and hitting somebody else–and nobody will be around to hear me scream.
I bought a couple-hundred rounds of ammo, a locking case, and a cleaning kit for my gun yesterday. I think I’m going to clean it right now, because it hasn’t been done since I fired it last weekend, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll actually fire it again tomorrow.

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