Close Call

As I was posting that last entry, Greymatter decided to shit a brick. I didn’t realize that the server this site runs on keeps access log files indefinitely, and they haven’t been purged since Solo started hosting me in March of last year. So I hit my disk space quota right as Greymatter tried writing that last post to disk, and it hosed everything. Well actually, it just hosed gm-entrylist.cgi and gm-counter.cgi, both of which I had to rebuild. The counter was easy, I just had to do some simple math to get the numbers right. But the entry list was a bitch. I had to start with a backup copy from more than a month ago, and manually add the last 30 or so entries that I’ve made. I guess if you’re not intimately familiar with Greymatter, none of this makes sense to you. Suffice it to say that I just spent an hour getting everything back to normal. But it was nothing compared to the hell I went through a year ago, when I started adding entries to Greymatter from News Publisher and Blogger, and even my old hand-written entries. I need to make backups more often.

5 thoughts on “Close Call

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