Throw it in the gutta'

The clutch on my Subaru is starting to slip, and I’m afraid I’ll end up having to replace it soon. What’s strange is that it only slips in 5th gear doing around 55 MPH, but when starting out in 1st gear and/or accelerating hard, I don’t have any problems. If it goes out completely, I’m going to try replacing it myself, because it’s not worth putting $500 into a car that I paid only $800 for. If I can’t do it myself, I’ll just replace the car with another disposable car. =)

3 thoughts on “Throw it in the gutta'

  1. Damnit…now I got that song running though my head…
    Walkin home and I see the G ride
    Now Ket is drivin Kilo on the side
    As they busted a U, they got pulled over, An undercover cop in a dark green Nova
    Make it stop!!!

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