The USDA did a poor job of choosing a word to describe what they call “organic” foods. When I see fruit or vegetables in the store that are certified as “organic,” I have to wonder, are the others made of stainless steel? Or solid granite? They really should make up their own word for that, rather than twist the meaning of an existing word.

3 thoughts on “Organic?

  1. I always wondered about that when I’m looking at produce… I always thought anything that was alive is “organic”

  2. That’s only true when you use the USDA’s definition of organic. If you use the commonly-accepted dictionary (you’ve heard of the dictionary, right?) version…
    1. of or relating to or derived from living organisms
    2. being or relating to or derived from or having properties characteristic of living organisms
    …then all fruits and vegetables are organic, period. Something doesn’t cease being organic because a small percentage of its composition is man-made or chemical in nature. If that were the case, nothing would be organic.

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