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My neighbors are at it again. College is starting, so a bunch of damned girls have moved back in, and their friends are over at all hours of the night. Last week when I was watering my front lawn, I noticed tire marks on the parkway where somebody had driven about two feet too far to the right as they left my neighbor’s driveway. I was a little pissed that there were tire marks on my lawn, especially after this episode, so I called the police. The cop came and took a look at it, then talked to the girl whose parents own the house nextdoor, and told her to keep her and her damned friends off my lawn.
Well, yesterday morning my wife noticed some more tire marks on the lawn, but this time it wasn’t on the parkway. It was right near the front of my house–somebody had purposely driven through my flower bed and over the walkway I just poured a couple months ago. It tore up some of the edging, damaged some plants, and left tire marks on the grass. I called the cops yet again, and the guy that came this time was pretty much a douche bag. He went to talk to the girl nextdoor again, and she of course denied any wrongdoing–she said it must have been one of her friends. The cop came back and basically told me that since I didn’t see who did it, he couldn’t do anything about it. I got into a yelling match with him, telling him that he damned well better do something about it, since it was obviously a retaliatory act. He said the best he could do is to turn it over to the investigators, but nothing would probably come of it without being able to prove which bitch did it. I pointed at the tire marks on the cement walkway and told him I could prove it right now by comparing the tire marks to my neighbors’ and their friends’ vehicles. He apparently hadn’t even thought of that, because he seemed surprised when I mentioned it, but he called for another cop to come over with a camera, and they took some pictures of the tire marks. I still don’t think anything will come of this whole thing, at least not through legal channels. If the cops can’t take care of it, I will.

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  1. I know exactaly who you are talking about too. It used to be this old lady’s house till she died then one of their grand daughters and a bunch of her friends moved in. So now it is just a big ‘bitch house’.

  2. I have a couple of those X-10 wireless cameras installed.. One inside the garage, one above the front door and one outside the garage. They work great you should get one. The last one I got came with the pan and tilt and I can look at it from anywhere over the web.. Great security and cheaper than most “professional” security systems.

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