Billie's Mountain

I’m going to take a drive up to Billie’s Mountain tomorrow morning to do some hiking, mostly in the area depicted in the lower-left corner of this topo map. I can’t count the number of times I’ve driven past this area and not thought much of it, but lately, I’ve noticed how beautiful it is, with all its exposed rock mixed in with thick oak brush. The sandstone is really unusual-looking, with bands of red and cream-colored rock, and a lot of the layers are oriented vertically, so there’s obviously been a lot of uplifting in that area (well duh, it is a mountain).
I’m also going to take a picture of this benchmark, that is if it still exists. The Thistle mudslide and subsequent flood may have wiped it all away, but I know part of the schoolhouse still exists–there’s a picture of it on this page. At any rate, I plan on at least looking for it, and I’ll probably drive over to the slide area and take a few pictures from the bottom.

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