Old Man

I can’t believe I’ve been driving (well, legally anyway) for 10 years already. My driver’s license expires at the end of this month, so I’m going to get a new one next week. I can renew online and re-use my existing license, but it still has all the information I gave when I first got my license, and I’d like to have one with my current address and height/weight.
I learned to drive in a 1972 Ford 3/4-ton 2-wheel drive truck, which is probably the absolute worst vehicle to learn with–maybe that’s why I’m such a good driver now. Even though I’ve had five tickets (four for speeding, one for blatantly running a stop sign), I still consider myself to be a good driver. There’s a difference between someone who drives like that on purpose, and somebody who hasn’t a clue as to what they’re doing. The thing is, it seems like the people who are oblivious often get away with it, while people like me get caught all the time. Although, I did luck out last week–I blew through a stop sign in 3rd gear, and a cop was coming towards me half a block away. I know he saw me, ’cause he stared at me as I drove past him, and he slowed way down (almost stopped). I hurriedly turned another corner and gunned it, hoping that if he did decide to come after me, I’d be out of sight before he could get turned around. I guess it wasn’t worth his time coming after me, because I reached another intersection and turned the corner without ever seeing him.

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