Only a Chevy driver…

When we were just starting our drive up to Strawberry on Friday, we had quite a scare on the highway. I was going northbound, and had just passed the Port of Entry and was approaching the turnoff to Indian Canyon, where a guy in a newer gray GMC truck was stopped at the sign, waiting to turn southbound on US-6. I was the only car within sight of this guy, and as I got close to him, he started pulling out right in front of me! If I hadn’t slammed on my brakes and swerved into the oncoming traffic lane, I would have t-boned him for sure. The guy eventually stopped, blocking the entire northbound lane as I continued past him, then he continued his turn and started going the opposite direction. The thing is, though, he was looking directly at me when he pulled out–we had eye contact the entire time. I wouldn’t have been so pissed off if it had been an accident, but it was like this guy wanted to get into a wreck. I wanted so badly to turn around and chase this asshole down, but not only did I not want to add more time to my already long day, I also didn’t want to confront such a dickwad without some form of protection if he got violent.
So I continued driving, but literally 45 seconds later, as I topped the next hill, there was a UHP trooper parked on the side of the road, being an asshole like they usually do, waiting passively for a crime to be committed. I shouldn’t complain, I was glad he was there. I pulled over and tattled on the GMC driver, and the cop immediately pulled out of there and chased after him. I don’t know what happened after that, but I’m relatively certain that he at least caught the guy and told him to watch the fuck out next time. I don’t think he could have written the guy a ticket, because I didn’t get a license plate number or anything like that.
The GMC driver is lucky I wasn’t driving my truck, though, or else I would have t-boned him. I’m certain my rock-solid Ford would have crushed his tin-foil General Motors driver’s side door, and likely him as well.

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