Up Sheep Creek Without a Paddle

We took the back road up to Strawberry Reservoir today. It was a much easier drive than I imagined it would be–so much so, that we plan on going back often. We scouted around for some places to camp next time we’re up there, and we found a few really nice places, hidden back in the quakies, yet still near the lake. And, of course, there are pictures. We had a little picnic up there, and spent some time at the shore just playing around. Most of the time was spent driving, though, and it was a very long day. We drove just over 200 miles, and I think we were gone more than nine hours. We got adventurous and took a different road home, but it eventually met up with the dirt road we had originally came on.
I’m exhausted now, not to mention just plain tired, and I’ve got to get up early in the morning to start pouring more concrete. But this time, I’m borrowing my grandpa’s cement mixer, which should literally save me hours and hours. Maybe I’ll actually finish before next weekend.

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