HardYard Work

I’m pouring another concrete pathway in my back yard, so next spring I can start landscaping back there. I only completed pouring a few molds yesterday evening, but I plan on finishing the entire width of the yard behind the house today. After that, I have to work on the length of my yard, which is more than twice the width, and there will be many more curves involved because I have to go around a lilac and a snowball bush. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to finish the pathway off, though. I can either buy some edging and edge both sides, or I can go with the natural look and let the grass grow up between the stones. The latter is not only much easier, but I’d need more than 300 feet of edging, so it’d save me a lot of cash too. I’ll post some pictures in a few days (umm, or maybe weeks) when I get it finished.

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