Layout #27

That’s right, this is layout #27. At least, it’s #27 since I started keeping archives of all my past layouts. I’m sure I’ve had at least five or six that I don’t have saved to my hard drive. It’s been tested only in IE6 in Win98, so if anybody else sees any problems with it, please let me know. Fuck Netscape. I know for a fact it won’t look good in Netscape 4, because Netscape tries to re-repeat the background image for any nested tables, rather than making them transparent, since there’s no background image specified for any of the nested tables.
By the way, I used this picture for the background image for this layout. I took that picture last week from 4-Mile Hill, along with some others in which I actually caught some lightning.

6 thoughts on “Layout #27

  1. It’s most excellent… the transparency is really nice, and the picture of the clouds for the background is a nice touch!

  2. Ooh, I see how it works now. It’s all one picture for the background. Cool! Yeah, don’t ever bother designing pages for Netscape users. There’s no point. It’s a 13:1 ratio of IE to Netscape users anyways these days. It’s like the commercials where 4 out of 5 doctors recommend eating a balanced diet, and you know that 5th doctor is the manager of a McDonalds, because he was laid off and has no other option but to keep eating out of sorrow. We don’t pity him, it’s his own fault anyways. And he uses Netscape. It all comes full circle now…

  3. as usual, you’re the best.
    i have a few qualms, though: the bright purple links, the underlining of the links as well as excessive use of the 1px cad2e4 rows in the ‘quickies’ area

  4. Thanks for the compliment. But, “excessive,” eh? =) I can see how the two lines surrounding the comments line aren’t necessary, but I hardly think they detract from the look either. As for the “bright” purple links, I hardly think a color (#2a355b) whose RGB hex values each start with a number equal to or less than 5 can be considered bright.
    But still, your comments are duly noted. If anybody else has any problems with the link colors or 1px lines, I’m amenable to changing them.

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