NGS Benchmarks

The past few days, I’ve gone on a few trips looking for NGS benchmarks in and around town. I’ve searched for a total of seven, and found only two. The rest either simply weren’t there, or the roads and landscape have changed so much that the directions written back in 1934 (when this area was surveyed) are no longer accurate.
These are the two I found: KN0136 was easy to find, and I was using only a USGS topo map–it was before I found the explicit directions on KN0139 was also extremely easy, because it was set into some concrete around a window at the post office.
KN0089 was buried under decades of gravel that the railroad has dumped in what they now use as a parking lot. I may be able to find it if I bring a shovel. I couldn’t find KN0091–I looked in the south abutment of the railroad bridge, but it’s been partially buried since they re-routed Main Street and built the overpass on 100 North. KN0092 isn’t there anymore, because they got rid of the old railroad crossing and built a bridge there instead. I think KN0138 has been removed–the concrete in the east retaining wall of the bridge is so badly eroded that about 4″ of rebar is sticking straight up from the top. KN0513 is hard to find, because the cemetery and the surrounding roads have changed a lot since the directions were written. I may try this one again if I have some time to kill someday.

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