I’ve had a cold for nearly a week now, and it’s really starting to piss me off. I thought I was getting over it Saturday, but after going to the wave pool and getting sunburned all to hell, then going to the demolition derby, I came home feeling like total shit. I’ve been living off of Dayquil and Nyquil since then, but it doesn’t seem to help much except to get me spaced-out sometimes.
The derby was ok, but definitely not as good as the past few I’ve been to. Last year, my throat hurt from all the cheering and yelling I did, but this year it was just kind of a sit-and-watch event. Maybe if I’d been feeling better, it would have been more fun. At least it was cool having a bunch of friends there. Ty and Mandi showed up at my house a few hours before the derby, along with Big Russ and Sarah (who just moved back to Price), to make sure we were still going. Jaysen and Michelle went too, and so did my mom. We went more than an hour early, and it was still hard to find good seats. Next year we’ll have to go even earlier, ’cause I want to sit front and center.
Traci and I went looking for more NGS benchmarks yesterday–we spent about four hours this time, and only found one out of the four we searched for. One was supposed to be in a bridge south of town, but the existing bridge is in too good of shape to have existed back in the ’30s, so I’m sure the marker got tossed when the bridge got replaced. Another one that we couldn’t find had the most vague directions for any benchmark I’ve ever seen. It was supposed to be 7.2 miles south of Price, in the concrete headwall of a culvert west of Highway 10 (it didn’t say how far west), 20 feet east of a pole (doesn’t describe the pole or its location), and at the base of a hill (I didn’t see any real hills out there). That one wasted the most time, and was the most frustrating. There is supposed to be one at the county courthouse, but I couldn’t find it. The one we did find is in an old building just three blocks from my house, near the police station. The marker was in the wall behind some bushes near an entrance, and it was painted the same color as the surrounding brick, so I almost didn’t see it. At least the entire trip wasn’t a waste, but I could have accomplished as much in about 5 minutes. Oh well, looking is half the fun. I’ve found only four markers so far, ruled out a few more, and have about 30 more to search for in this area.

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