A Price City Ordinance Enforcement officer (the dog catcher) and a PPD officer just showed up at my house a few minutes ago, wanting me to remove a metal stake that I had placed near a sprinkler head on the parkway in front of my house to keep my neighbors from running over it. Their driveway narrows as it enters the street, and they’re all too lazy to move their cars over 3 inches to avoid driving on the grass. The cop said they’d received a complaint that the stake was a hazard to kids on bicycles. So I was cooperative about it and took the stake out, but now I’ve got to find a way to keep my neighbors from running over the sprinkler head. I think a shotgun would do nicely.
Seriously, I think if it gets run over and broken, I’ll just call the cop that made me remove the stake and let him deal with it. But I’m afraid that even though it would be destruction of property, it would end up being a civil issue, which wouldn’t even be worth pursuing for a $2 sprinkler head. Fuck, I hate people.

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