Goin' Ballistic

I went back down to the Ford dealer on my lunch break, and they still hadn’t started work on my truck. I told Owen that I’ll pay them for what I owe them, and that I’ll be taking my truck home with me today. He told me that they were just finishing up an alignment on somebody else’s vehicle, and mine was next in line to go up on the rack. After my wife and I yelled at him for a bit longer, we decided to give them another chance at fixing it. So we left, and I went back a little over an hour later, and it still wasn’t in the shop. I talked to (ok, yelled at) Owen yet again, and told him I wasn’t leaving until they started working on my truck. Not ten minutes later, it was in the shop being fixed.
They got it done around 4:30, but they’d found a vibration somewhere. He told me to come down and take it for a drive to see whether or not I wanted them to tear back into it and find the vibration. I drove it, and decided that there’s no way in hell I’m taking my truck back like that. So they’ve still got the piece of sheeit, but I’m going to harass the hell out of Owen every day to make sure my truck is their top priority.
I’m in the middle of doing a write-up of my experience with Community Motors, which I’ll put up here when this whole thing is over with, and send a copy to the owner as well. I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody for even the most minor repair. Hell, I figured that with as major as the problems with my truck were, they’d be the best place to take it to, but even the most insignificant mechanic in town could do a better and faster job than this shit.
Not only are my plans for this weekend shot, but probably for the next few weeks as well. I was hoping to move my camper out of the way so the power company can come trim some trees in my back yard, the same trees that wore the shielding off the power lines last year and caused a fire. I was also going to haul off a bunch of old weeds and rocks and tree branches from my yard, but that’s not going to happen for quite a while. I really should have just threw my truck in the gutter, and bought another.

3 thoughts on “Goin' Ballistic

  1. “I really should have just threw my truck in the gutter, and bought another.”
    NWA reference? 🙂

  2. Hah…what’s the year on that truck.. I’m guessing early 80’s?
    “Wrap my 8-4 around a telephone pole”….

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