Weekend Recap

Even though Saturday seems like a long time ago, this weekend seemed pretty short. I had fun up Diamond Fork Canyon–we were in the last campground before the road closure at the top. I thought we would be able to get to the lower trail to the hot springs before we hit the gate, but the closure was several miles up from the trail. Mike and I ended up driving on the Sheep Creek road to the upper trail, then we hiked down to the springs. There were a few more pools there than the last time I was there, but since it was the middle of the day, there were no nude people there–they usually show up at night. It took us 50 minutes to hike down, and 70 to hike back up. I also went on two bike rides that day, about six miles total, three miles of which I was towing Michael and his cousin in the bike trailer. My legs are still extremely sore.
Sunday, I was going to pour some concrete stepping stones in my front yard, but CJ’s was completely out of concrete mix, and nobody else in town that sells it was open. I am seriously going to boycott that store from now on. For such a big hardware store, they carry way too few products, and the products they do carry are usually out of stock. How can you run out of concrete mix? They must have a fucking moron do all their ordering. I ended up doing nothing on Sunday, except a few little things around the yard.
Yesterday, I spent some time refinishing my bedroom door. Traci and I finished sanding the old finish off of it, then I filled in some areas with wood putty and sanded them down after they dried. I also shaved a little off the bottom of the door, because it was rubbing on the carpet in our bedroom when it was open all the way. I’ve got to do a little touch-up work on it today, then I can lay down some stain and polyurethane. We took our bikes out to the Helper parkway last night and went for a little ride, which didn’t help my sore legs much. There was a dead deer right on the side of the parkway at one point, and you could smell the damn thing for about 1/8 mile in either direction along the trail. It was truly disgusting, and on our way back past it after we had reached the end of the trail, we just hauled ass and held our breath. I wouldn’t expect Helper City to really take care of the trail all the much, but the least they could do is keep dead animals off of it.

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