Week, End!

We’re going to head up to Diamond Fork tomorrow to hang with Mike, Allison, Jaysen, and Michelle, and a bunch of other people I don’t know. The bottom of Diamond Fork Canyon is closed off due to the little water project they’ve got going on, so we have to head up Hobble Creek Canyon from Springville and get to Diamond Fork from the top. I’d like to bike down to the hot springs, which would be quite a long ride, but the womenfolk will probably preclude that from happening. No matter what else I do up there, I plan on at least getting a good bike ride in.
Monday, I plan on biking up a little canyon that runs about 1.5 miles north from Kenilworth. There’s a mine entrance at the end of the road, but I’m pretty certain it’s sealed off. It’ll still be cool to check the area out.

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