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Regarding that stop light I posted about several posts ago–I finally got tired of waiting at the light at Carbon Avenue and Main Street, so I ran it. It was Sunday, and I was looking for some concrete mix, so I had gone out to Kilfoyle Krafts to see if they were open, though I was 99.9% sure they weren’t. And they weren’t. I was coming back from there, going north on Carbon Avenue, and I came to the light on Main Street. That light remains red for those crossing Main unless somebody pulls up in the left-turn lane or the left travel lane, but anybody waiting in the right travel lane must sit for eternity. Since I was going to turn right at the next intersection, I simply got into the right travel lane a block early, which was a big mistake. After waiting a couple minutes, I considered getting out of the car and pressing the pedestrian button that allows them to cross the street, but then I saw several vehicles approaching from behind, and they were all in the left lane. I waited, hoping at least one of them would either get into the left turn lane, or proceed in the left travel lane. But nope, they all got into the right lane, apparently they were going to turn the same direction I was. So after waiting another minute, I looked for any cops that might be near, then I ran the light. After I had travelled about 75 yards, the next guy in line behind me ran the light, then the next three cars ran the light.
I considered calling the police to let them know about the faulty stop light, only because calling Price City, who is responsible for the lights, would be a waste of my time–they could care less, or they would have thought about it before they began their street reconstruction. But I didn’t call the police, because they would likely view this as an opportunity to ticket those people who ran the light. I didn’t want to give them any ideas. There are a lot of good reasons to live in such a rural area, but there are also a lot of reasons to go on a shooting rampage and kill as many people employed by local government entities as you can.

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  1. Hahaha…who needs to get a life–the person who runs the worst site ever, or the person who takes the time to comment on the worst site ever? I wouldn’t expect any better from an AOL user, though.

  2. I love it when ppl take the time to tell u how bad your site sucks… Just proves who really needs to get a life..
    anyway.. bout that stupid light, im always running out of my car to hit the pedestrian button. I always thought that my car was too light to trip the thing but i guess not.

  3. I don’t link to shitty sites. Therfore, UDINK is not shitty.
    Making fun of other peoples sites is Lame. It’s probably indicative of your small penis.
    I smell bacon.

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