After all that time and effort I put into replacing all the sprinkler heads in my front yard two weeks ago, I broke one of them last night. Just kicked it right off. Despite all the rain Utah County got while I was up there yesterday, it didn’t rain a drop here in Price, so I turned the sprinklers on when I got home. One of the sprinkler heads out on the parkway didn’t look like it had popped up all the way, so I walked over there to make sure it was fully extended, which it was. As I was walking back, I cut the corner a little bit turning onto my sidewalk, and accidentally kicked a sprinkler head, breaking it off and sending it flying a few feet. Water gushed up about eight feet into the air, so I hurried and turned off the valve for that side of the lawn. What really pisses me off about it is that the broken sprinkler head is the same one that gave me so much trouble when I replaced it in the first place. It’s the first one I encountered that wouldn’t twist loose, so I had to cut it off. I still have scabs on my knuckles from where I skinned them on the sidewalk trying to loosen that bastard.
This last weekend, I spent a lot of time getting the swamp cooler installed and hooked up, seeing as how it was getting up into the mid-80s almost every day. And now last night, it got down into the mid-30s. There’s even a possibility that it may freeze tonight, so I might drain the water out of the cooler and water line, just in case.

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