To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive…

Hmm…I thought I’d make it a week without posting, but I guess not. =) Things have just been so slow and boring around here lately that I don’t have much to say.
Michael had his 15-month checkup today. Everything was normal except his weight, which was pretty below average. He’s never really liked baby food, so ever since he was weaned from breastfeeding, he’s been drinking whole milk, juice, and water, and eating regular grown-up food. His doctor said to quit giving him juice and water and replace them with milk, which would probably be the best way for him to gain weight. Or, we could give him PediaSure, but that shit is damned expensive–more than ten bucks for 48 ounces–so that’s out of the question.
We bought a bike trailer today, so now I can drag Michael around with me on bike rides. I took him for a spin this evening after we got home from Provo, and it was surprisingly easy to pull. The only drawback is that you have to take corners really wide (at least on the sidewalk), or else he gets bounced all over the place. It’ll be really fun to go out on rides when this damn cold windy weather goes away.
I got some promising news from my attorney today about our lawsuit with Price Shitty. It’ll be weeks before we know much of anything, but things are looking good. I’m reluctant to even talk about it on here until it’s all resolved, mostly because I could go on and on with all the stupid little details of what’s happened so far, but all that matters is how it ends. And it looks like that might be relatively soon.

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