I got the flu Friday, so I didn’t work. I hadn’t been feeling well early Thursday morning, but when I got up for work I was feeling alright. Then Thursday night I started feeling crappy again, and tossed and turned all night long. I didn’t really get over it until yesterday morning, but my body is still recovering. There was a 36-hour period in there where I didn’t eat anything but two Ritz crackers, and I maybe only drank 12 ounces of water.
So as a result of feeling tired all weekend, I did absolutely nothing. I would have liked to go hiking or biking, but I think I would have collapsed dead. It looks like next weekend I’m going camping, regardless of whether or not I have my truck back. Diamond Fork will probably be the best place, since Mike and Jaysen and their significant others will probably all be going too, and it’ll be a short drive for them. Or maybe Sheep Creek, but I haven’t been up there often enough to remember if there are any good camping spots.
Wednesday is our fourth wedding anniversary, so I’m taking off work and Traci and I are going up to Provo/Orem to spend the day. I think we’re just going to do some shopping, play around a little, then find a nice place to eat dinner, and head back home. It’ll be nice to spend some time alone, just the two of us.

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