Ok, if the city is going to tear up and re-pave Main Street between 300 East and Carbon Avenue, the least they could do is change the timing of the stop lights at those intersections. That way, people waiting to cross the once-heavily-travelled street don’t have to sit at a red light for literally minutes, while almost no traffic comes the other direction. That is all. For now.

2 thoughts on “Morons

  1. Ehh…
    I think you should be able to treat street lights as stop signs.. Green, you go right through. Red, you stop, give right of way to any traffic crossing the intersection through thier green light, and then go through it when and if the intersection goes clear. Might not make a difference in a big city with lots of traffic, but would work good for small towns like this…

  2. Heh…I’ve come close to treating the lights at 3rd East and Carbon Avenue like stop signs. I just didn’t dare to actually run them. =)

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