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I was watching Police Videos the other night (I love that show), and they showed a police chase in Provo. It started on State Street around 1860 South (not too far from work) and ended in a residential area near downtown. It was funny, because I was familiar with the streets, and when the guy being chased turned east onto Center Street, I was like, “Where the hell are you going?” He got to the dead-end near Seven Peaks and tried turning around, and got tagged by the UHP trooper’s car. He ended up getting t-boned by another truck a few blocks after that, and his truck caught fire. You don’t hear about a lot of stuff like that going on in Utah, but that’s the second time a chase in Utah County has been on that show.

5 thoughts on “Police Videos

  1. They should have cops here in price. that would be interesting. fun..but kind of boring. unless they actually found something exciting…in price..yeah right!

  2. Hahahaha… It took me a second to get what she was talking about. While reading her message I was thinking to myself “there’s lots of cops in price”….
    That would be a funny show.. Lots of video taken of Smith’s parking lot and people dragging main…
    er…wait, “that’s not funny…that’s sad.” 🙂

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