Mother Fu Mother Nature

It’s looking like the weather this week might be a little wet, which sure makes me happy. I haven’t watered my new lawn (well, it’s still just dirt for now) once yet today, and hopefully I won’t have to. The only bad thing is it looks like the temperature might get below freezing, which will kill my grass. I still don’t have any grass sprouting up, but it hasn’t even been a full week since I planted it. I’ll be pissed if all that work and money goes for nothing.
My allergies have been bothering me pretty badly this past week. There’s a tree in my front yard that’s dropping catkins all over the place, and they leave circles of pollen where they drop to the ground, but most of it is airborne. There was a rather thick layer of pollen on the windshield of my car this morning, so I’m sure it’s on every surface outside, and most inside as well. I’m thinking about seeing my doctor and getting one of those prescription allergy medicines like you see on tv, the ones that give you diarrhea, headache, abdominal pain, and liver problems. No wait, nevermind, sneezing and having a stuffy nose isn’t that bad after all. =)

2 thoughts on “Mother Fu Mother Nature

  1. Hahaha… try allegra. It doesn’t seem to have all the nasty side-effects, and actually seems to help my wife.

  2. Allegra helps. I like it. I get allergies during may and june. I hate taking the other stuff because it makes me drowsy for the rest of the day.

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