Unleash the Beasts

Today was long, and it’s not near over yet. I’ve been awake for almost 13 hours, and knowing me I’ll be up for much longer. Even when I wake up early in the morning, I can’t fall asleep early at night.
I saw shitloads of nice Jeeps and other monstrously-lifted vehicles on the highway today, all heading down to Moab for the Jeep Safari. I even saw a few boats heading for Lake Powell. If my truck was in working order, I’d have gone camping this weekend, probably down in the San Rafael Swell. Instead, I’m going to do some yard work, and probably a little mountain biking…nothing too exciting.
Mike Marshall moved back to Orem, and I’m pretty excited about that. Since I’m up in that general vicinity almost every week anyway, I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. In fact, I’m going to try to get him and his wife to go on a little picnic with us tomorrow up by the Red Narrows. He got a Nissan 4X4 recently too, and you know what that means–more 4-wheelin’ stories. =)

7 thoughts on “Unleash the Beasts

  1. man, movable type is so much easier to use then grey matter, also you can import all of your entries and COMMENTS to grey matter, sweet eh?
    just look at my site, it’s pretty boss.

  2. What, do you own stock in Movable Type or something? If your site is any implication of how well Movable Type works, then I surely won’t be switching to it anytime soon.

  3. This post is refreshing, It seems like this is the first time since 3/19/99 that you’ve talked about being excited about four wheelers driving through your town. I regularly check your site because I’ve lived in Utah; Salt Lake, Price and Ogden, Love 4-wheeling and even have a son named Michael( now 13). All the things You talk about are familiar and funny, but good lord Dennis, don’t get lost inside your computer due to your skills and the boredom of everyday life in Price. I feel like I was you (similarly) 15 years ago and I’ve learned a few things. First, For gods sakes go out and buy an old Jeep or a Samurai or something for cheap and find your way back into at least, trail riding. Those vehicles do not have to be tricked out to be able to go where most vehicles cannot. Find yourself a babysitter and take your wife with you, then michael when he’s ready. You can even scout it first, then bring the family. That area has a ton to offer and I see that you recognize this. All of your vehicles don’t have to be able to haul your whole extended family. So get something and go…You know you want to. You’ll enjoy the break. I enjoy reading your archives because it seems that you are doing everything that I did back then, giving me ideas to get me out of the same stagnation you are heading towards (too much work) From reading your site recently I have learned two things; I will never build my own computer, because even guys that know what the are doing (like yourself) have problems, to contact you if I ever need to sell a car in Price. Thanks for the read though. I’ve enjoyed looking at your site. Thanks.

  4. Hey…….There was a accident I heard this morning..that a jeep fell 45 feet…sure hope you wasn’t involved…very scary!!!!!!!

  5. Heh…thank you Sammy. =) You know, my wife and I were just talking about something like that last night–we were watching Trucks! on TNN, and they were restoring and beefing-up a beat-up old ’66 Bronco. I told Traci that someday soon, that’s what I’d really like to do–get an old Bronco or CJ or Landcruiser and fix it up like that. Luckily, she’s into that kind of stuff too, so I don’t have to fight her to get what I want. =)

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