Same Ol' Shit

I’m heading up to Provo yet again for work tomorrow. I’ll probably only work half a day in the office, then work the rest of the day at home. But while I’m up there, I’m going to do some much needed shopping. I’m gonna hit Sam’s Club, probably spend a shitload there, and I’m also going to look for a used 15″ monitor so I can get my old computer running. I figure I’ll use that computer for getting the pictures off my camera and for printing, since I never did figure out the USB problem with this new machine. If I disable my soundcard in the device manager and reboot, my USB works, but it’s a pain in the ass to reboot every time I want to print something or grab some pictures off my camera.
Speaking of my camera, I’d like to get rid of my 340MB IBM Microdrive and get a regular 256MB flash card, but I’m not sure how to go about selling it. They’re retailing for around $135 right now, and a 256MB CF card is going for about $85, so I should be able to get enough out of it to pay for a new CF card. Hell, maybe I’ll settle for a 128MB card and use the extra cash for something I really need. Maybe I’ll try Ebay…

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