My DSL has been on the fritz all weekend. It would work for about a minute or two, then quit working for the same amount of time, and it would just cycle constantly through working and not working. The “Line” LED on my DSL modem would also go on and off, indicating that the signal from my ISP was intermittent. I called my ISP this morning and told them about the problem, and the guy told me that my DSL modem is probably too close to some other electronic equipment, so he asked me to move it and see if that helps. I told him I’d try, but I didn’t actually expect it to work–my modem has been wedged between my monitor and my computer case (with the cover off the case) and sitting right below my cordless phone ever since I’ve had DSL, and I hadn’t had any problems until now. But moving the modem worked, surprisingly, but now it’s just sitting on the floor next to my desk. I’ve got to find a better place for it now, preferably somewhere where I can see the LEDs on it.

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