I was planning on going biking & hiking up this little canyon tomorrow because the weather was supposed to be nice, but the forecast now says it’ll barely get above freezing. Next Saturday I’m going to the cave, and I don’t know if I’ll feel up to any more hiking the next day, so I may not go for two more weeks. Damn those weather forecasters. Well, damn the weather anyway.
You never really know how much your parents worry about you (or you think their worry is unfounded) until you have children of your own. Michael had a fever of over 105°F the night before last. We gave him some children’s Advil and a cool sponge bath, which cooled him down enough that we weren’t worried, but for a while there I was pretty scared. The only choices I would have had if the fever hadn’t gone down are to take him to Casketview Hospital, where I’d be worried that he wouldn’t receive decent treatment and I’d pay more because my insurance co-pay would be double that of any IHC hospital, or I could have rushed him to Provo, where I know he’d get good treatment and it’d be cheaper for me, but it would take me an hour to get him there. I’m still not sure what I’d have done, but hopefully I won’t be put in that position again.

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  1. i don’t think they should name a hospital CASKETview hospital. just doesn’t sound like the kinda place i would want to take any kid.

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