Up until tonight, my wife would often let our son play with our cordless phone. I would always get a little mad at her for letting him do it, and I always said he’ll end up calling 911 if she continues to let him play with it. Well, about a half-hour ago, we got a call from the 911 dispatcher asking if everything was ok–it turns out that Michael dialed 911, and they had to send the police out to verify that everything was alright. It was pretty embarassing.
Since I can’t use my USB port to get the pictures off my camera, I tried using the serial cable that came with the camera. And damn, is it slow–it took me over three hours to get 50 pictures off the camera. Hopefully by this weekend I won’t have this problem anymore.
I took my Subaru off-road for the first time today. Traci and I were on our way home from Provo, and right before entering the Red Narrows, we saw some deer grazing just off the road. There is a dirt road that meanders up above where the deer were, so we turned off, put it in 4-low, and crawled up the snow-packed hill. Not only was I relieved that we made it up the hill, but I was surprised at how well the car handled it. The rear-end slid sideways a bit when the road tilted to the left or right, but other than that we went straight up without any slipping and sliding. When we got above the deer, I got out and walked down towards them, and I got to within 75 yards and took some pictures. I think I could have gotten closer, but I didn’t want to spook them because the only direction they had to run was towards the highway, and I didn’t want to be responsible for injuring or killing any innocent animals (or motorists).
Update: Here are the pictures I took on my way home–some are of the deer, and some are of the ice formed by the groundwater seeping out of the sides of Price Canyon.

7 thoughts on “nine-eleven

  1. Uh… the Great Plains are about a thousand miles east.
    I got like 2 feet from a deer once… my aunt handfed it while we were on this trail in the smoky mountains. It was pretty cool, but we saw a bear later so… something.

  2. no way nate, you thought utah was in the great plains! hehe.
    why do they call them great anyway? they should be called the sucky plains.

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