1000 Miles

Today was the fifth time since Friday that I’ve driven from here to Provo and back, and I’m getting really sick of that drive. I don’t have to go up again until next week for work, then it won’t be for another two weeks, hopefully.
I filed the complaint in my lawsuit against the city today. It feels good to finally be doing something about it, but it sucks spending shitloads of money on attorneys. I’ve already spent over $2,000, a small part of which they still have in a trust account for future work they’ll need to do, but that’ll probably be gone quickly. I guess $300 of that went for a bond of undertaking, which is necessary just to file suit, so I should at least get that back. I feel comfortable with my attorneys, though–they seem competent and confident, and I feel confident in their abilities to do the job right. Now it’s pretty much a waiting game until the city responds to the complaint, which they have 20 days to do. It takes their insurance company months to respond to a notice of claim, but I’m sure the city attorney won’t let this one slip by, ’cause it means an automatic judgment in my favor if he does.

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