Gimme a Break

Check out this public forum article in today’s Tribune, a response to a previous article about the divide between Mormons and non-Mormons in Utah. Here’s a quote: “The Tribune only deepens the chasm by further disenfranchising gay people by ignoring them in the report.” The person who wrote this must be a complete fucking dolt. The article in question was about the animosity between the dominant religious group and the rest of the state, so no shit gay people weren’t specifically mentioned in the report–don’t gay people count as the rest of the state?. There was also an article in the same issue of the newspaper about the new 511 traffic and road condition hotline, and I don’t recall gays being mentioned in that either–better start your complaining on that one too. I’m not saying this guy(?) (with a name like “Lore,” the writer’s gender is rather ambiguous) doesn’t have a legitimate beef with the Mormon church, but it hardly falls under the same category as the article he’s complaining about. There’s nothing quite as stupid as interjecting yourself into a discussion where you clearly don’t belong.

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