Eleven Months to the Day

I just bit into the most vile tasting thing I’ve ever tasted, but the scary thing is that I have no idea what it was. I was eating some sunflower seeds when I bit into something that was the wrong kind of crunchy, and suddenly I had the taste of burned shit in my mouth. I’ve never actually tasted (or smelled) burned shit before, but I’d imagine this is what it tastes like. I spit it out into my cup of sunflower shells and hurriedly ran to the bathroom to wash my mouth out. When I returned to my desk, I peered into my cup to see what the hell I had just almost eaten, but I couldn’t make anything out. I’m guessing it was a beetle of some sort, roasted and salted.
My CDRW drive got here Tuesday, and my printer is supposed to be here Monday. Seeing as how I ordered the two items at the same time, though from different places, you’d think they’d each arrive around the same time. Especially when shipping on the printer was twenty-five fucking dollars–they should have easily been able to get it here in fewer than 10 days. Here it’s been almost a week since I ordered, and I didn’t even get a tracking number until this morning.
Michael is finally walking regularly. Before, he would take a step or two if you really coaxed him, and even then he would only do it if he had something to grab onto at the end of those one or two steps. Yesterday, he started taking steps without being urged and without having any particular destination in mind. It won’t be too long before he’ll be walking everywhere, which means it’s time for me to child-proof my home a little better.

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