I decided I was going overkill on the computer I was going to build, so I decided on a Duron 1.2 GHz and an Abit KG7-Raid board, with only 256 MB of DDR RAM. It’ll save me quite a bit of dough, and I probably won’t use it to its full potential anyway, since most of the work I do only involves HotDocs and MS Office. For gaming, well, it’ll be better than what I’ve got now.
I’m going to attempt to drive up to Provo for work tomorrow, but if I hit bad weather (or see it rolling in before I leave home) I’m going to turn around and work from home. I don’t want to repeat what happened to Ty this weekend, especially in my tin-box-of-a-car. If I don’t make it up there tomorrow, I’ll give it a go some other day this week, ’cause the weather isn’t supposed to be so bad Wednesday through Friday.

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  1. Good deal. Looks like a good board, an personally I trust Abit over Asus. As for Duron, I don’t know about that. If I were you, I’d go for a same price Athlon which may be a little slower, but it will be better. You could probably get a 1GHZ (maybe a little less) for around the same price, but it will be much more stable and better overall. I guess you could try it and take it back if it doesn’t work, though.
    Do you know that you can get the KG7 without the Raid for a hell of a lot cheaper than with Raid. Unless you need raid for something.

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