Fourth Time's a Charm

Tonight, yet again, we had to call the police on our noisy neighbors. This time, I videotaped them yelling and chanting (yeah, they were actually chanting something) for about 10 minutes before the police arrived. The officer who came by tonight was smart–he parked down the street and walked here, and he heard first-hand all the noise they were making. This time, a citation was issued to the girl who lives there (and whose grandmother used to live there before she died). I would have thought the police would have issued a disturbing-the-peace citation, but it was actually a disorderly conduct citation.
The cop took my videotape to place into evidence, and if she contests the citation–which I’m sure she will–I’ll have to testify in court, which I’ll gladly do. She actually asked the cop if she could come talk to me about it when she found out she was being cited, but he told her no, because I was pretty pissed off.
Update: Dec.3.2001 – 7:19 am
About an hour after the police left last night, the dude in the Explorer that was honking Saturday night pulled up in my driveway and laid on the horn for several seconds, then backed out and took off down the street. So we called the police again, and talked to the same cop that was here last night. He wrote it up in the report he was already writing for the shit that happened earlier, so not only will the neighbor girl probably get in more trouble than she’s already in, but the guy in the Explorer will probably get in much more trouble than her for harassment.
So I guess I’ve made an enemy of my neighbor and her friends. Not that I care, because they’re all douche bags anyway, but I’m probably gonna have problems with them until all the giggly college girls move out. I seriously think it’s time for me to get a handgun, and I’ll welcome any confrontations I have with any of them.

4 thoughts on “Fourth Time's a Charm

  1. Strange, my neighbors have a similar affliction – no-one that lives there or comes to the house can actually get out and knock on the door. They prefer to lay on the horn until the person inside gets the message.
    The last time it happened, it was so the bloated, lazy daughter could come out and get her McDonald’s lunch from the bloated, lazy mother.
    (these are the same people who are too lazy to pick up anything at all out of their yard, or pull their empty trashcan back after the city collects it)
    I had just gotten out of the shower, and for a brief moment, considered shouting at them naked, from the bathroom window.

  2. Haha…how ironic. Last night when all this happened, I was also just getting out of the shower and was considering yelling to shut them up. But I figured if they talked back, I would have been more than angry enough to open fire with my rifle, but I would have looked dumb doing so nude. =)

  3. 1. Any confrontation with the bastards would be cool. Needless to say, with your training in the service, you’d be well equipped to handle some college trouble-makers.
    2. Referring to them as douche bags is 100% laugh-out-loud funny.

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