I mentioned in this post that I wondered how many times it would take calling the cops on my neighbors before they finally started issuing citations. Well, apparently it takes more than three times. Around 11:00 tonight, right when we were about to put our son to bed, some fucker in a green Explorer pulled up in the neighbor’s driveway, right next to my son’s bedroom window, and honked his horn about 10 times. So my wife called police dispatch yet again and complained. Last time some douche bag pulled up honking his horn like that, they had left before the police even arrived, which rather sucked. Tonight, however, right as that fucker was backing out of the driveway, two police cars pulled up and blocked him in, shining their spotlights at his vehicle. I hope that shithead had to change his pants after that.
Anyway, the cops talked to the fuck in the Explorer, then one walked up to the neighbor’s house while the other came to my house. I explained to him how this was the third time we’ve made a complaint, and that shit like this happens all the time. As I was talking to him, another douche bag in a white Cherokee (another one that habitually honks his horn late at night right outside my home) pulled up to the stop sign right across the street and was signaling left, but when he saw the cops, he decided he didn’t want to go to his friend’s house all that bad, then put his right turn signal on and went the other direction.
I swear, if the cops don’t actually start issuing citations next time, I’m going to have to take care of things myself.

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