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The LDS church has way too much influence not only on the government in Utah, but also on businesses. First, liquor laws were passed banning the use of religious themes in advertising, and now a billboard company is rejecting advertising poking fun at the church. The nearer the Olympics come, the more pressure the church is putting on everybody to make them look good.
Oh, and the answer given by most LDS church members regarding their religion affecting the laws? Move out of Utah. According to that line of reasoning, the laws are being passed to keep the Mormons from drinking–either that, or to drive the rest of us out of the state.
Fight Club in Price? C’mon, what a bunch of idiots. “The organizer also told officers the club will soon be recognized by CEU and the fights will continue next week.” I seriously doubt this will go on for very long before CEU and/or Price City permanently stop it–that is, it won’t go on in public anymore.
Driving tests for the elderly–this is a good idea. Yesterday, at the stop light just down the street from my house, I saw an old lady driving a white Buick who treated the red light like a stop sign. She stopped, then she drove right through the red light–I made eye contact with the guy in the car right behind her, and we both had that “WTF?” look on our faces.

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