*shakes head*


“A 29-year-old Price man reported to police on Saturday that he received a letter from New Jersey with a powdery substance inside. The recipient later confessed to engineering the scheme. The “anthrax” was chocolate milk mix and sugar. FBI officials in Salt Lake City said Monday they arrested the man for filing a false police report and making false statements to the police. Price police Lt. Ed Shook said the man showed the letter to five neighbors, all of whom were tested for anthrax and had been started on antibiotics as a precaution.”

Can you say “we-taw-did”? I know the guy who did it, and he always struck me as being just barely above retarded–what do you expect from a 29-year-old still living with his parents? SLTrib Story

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  1. No way, I plan on staying as far away from SLC as possible during the Olympics. I heard that the hotels here in Price have been booked for the Olympics for almost a year already, so we might feel some impact from them, but I doubt much will happen. Probably just a little more traffic on the highway.

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